RMMC Workshop Chester 2013

Second workshop of the “International Research Network Runes, Monuments and Memorial Carvings”, Chester 8-9 April 2013

Programme of Events

  • 8th April 2013 (Monday, Grosvenor Museum) – day of papers, keynote lecture, workshop dinner
  • 9th April 2013 (Tuesday Grosvenor Museum) – 1/2 day of papers, 1/2 day Chester-area sculpture tour
  • 10th – 11th April (Wed-Thur) – optional overnight trip to the North of England (Cumbria)

Workshop Theme

The theme for this Network meeting will be: Monuments and their Audiences. We believe this is a broad theme that can encompass much of the Network’s research, but we are hoping to channel our energies to focus on how people and monuments interact.


The registration form is now up on the University of Chester website and can be found at the following link: http://shopfront.chester.ac.uk . Click the button Event Booking tab, which will take you to the university’s conference page. Here you will find further information about the conference and can pay for the registration.

2013 Workshop Programme

2013 Workshop Abstracts

There are four payment options for the workshop.

  • Early career* rate excluding conference dinner £20
  • Early career* rate including conference dinner £35
  • Standard rate excluding conference dinner £44
  • Standard rate including conference dinner £64

*Early career is anyone up to three years after completion of PhD.


The event is open to the public and entry is free.

Keynote Lecture Poster

Download Keynote Poster


Below are a number of links that may help you plan your visit to Chester. These links cover accommodation in Chester, funding opportunities to support conference attendance in the UK and Europe, plus a map of Chester to help you situate yourself and decide where you want to stay.


For those of you attending the fieldtrip to Cumbria please take a look at the provisional itinerary. http://monumentsnetwork.org/excursion-to-cumbria-a-little-bit-of-a-taster/

Sponsors (to date)

Viking Society


Just to whet your appetite, you can see what Chester as a city has to offer at the tourist information website: http://www.visitchester.com/. Sculpture on our doorstep includes a group of 10th-11th century circle headed crosses, the Pillar of Eliseg, the Overchurch runestone and the hogback from West Kirby.

Below are a few pictures of Chester’s standing monuments.

The ruins of the Choir and Lady Chapel at St John’s. Home to a group of 10-11th century circle-headed crosses.

The Anchorite Cell on the River Dee. Probably a 14th century oratory connected to St John’s.

The Cloisters and monuments at Chester Cathedral are a must see.

Chester’s medieval walls are the most complete in the UK. Early medieval sculpture and Roman monuments have been found built into the wall. Parts of the Roman fort also survive.

No visit to Chester would be complete without a visit to the largest known amphitheatre in the UK

Hopefully many of you will be coming along next year and we look forward to hosting the Network in Chester. Any questions or queries, feel free to email Jo.

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