Katherine Forsyth

PhD. Reader, School of Humanities (Dept of Celtic and Gaelic), University of Glasgow

Research Interests: inscriptions of the Celtic-speaking peoples in the 1st Millennium AD, with a particular focus on ogham; interdisciplinary study of early Medieval sculpture in Scotland, Ireland and Man; the Picts; literacy; epigraphic field-methods and applications of digital technology; heritage management of carved stones.

I have conducted field-work on inscriptions in Scotland, south-west Ireland, south-west England, the Isle of Man and Brittan, and acted as academic consultant for Historic Scotland re-display projects on sculpture at Whithorn, Iona, Kirkmadrine, Dyce. I am a current member, and past chair, of the National Committee on Carved Stones in Scotland (http://www.carvedstonesscotland.org). For further details and a list of my publications, see: http://www.gla.ac.uk/schools/humanities/staff/katherineforsyth


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