Sculptured stones as transgressive objects. Call for papers EAA 2017.

Anouk Busset and Adrián Maldonado are organizing a highly interesting session, “Sculptured stones as transgressive objects: carving liminality in early medieval north-western Europe”, at the EAA-conference in Maastricht. Call for papers is now open:

Please have a look at session #423.

Sculptured stones as transgressive objects: carving liminality in early medieval north-western Europe

Content:This session will discuss the role of early medieval carved stones as embodiments of liminality in north-western Europe (British Isles and Scandinavia). Carved stones are strongly associated with territorial boundaries, bridges, or entrances. But beyond demarcating the limit of a religious or secular estate or the passage between lay and consecrated ground, they can also be nodal places in their own right, where the mundane meets the supernatural, habitation meets wilderness, or the living meet the dead. We can go further and argue that sculptured stones can be seen as transgressive by their very nature, between natural rock and shaped stone. In many cases, the stone is itself consecrated, especially when marked by the sign of the cross, becoming neither natural nor handmade, but imbued with the supernatural. Stones can be skeumorphic, representing other materials such as wood and metal which play with or even reject the materiality of the physical object. This transitional essence may also be contained in the imagery or inscriptions carved or incised on the stone, as representations of distant places, ancient myths or names of the absent dead, embodying distant places, people and times. In this sense, carved stones can be seen as transgressive of place, time and substance. We invite papers which challenge a functionalist perspective on carved stones in early medieval north-western Europe and pose new questions on the lived experience of sculpture.

Keywords:sculptured stones northwestern Europe Christianity

Main organiser:Anouk Busset (Switzerland)
Co-organisers:Adrián Maldonado (United Kingdom)

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Save the Date: The 8th International Insular Art Conference

The International Insular Art Conference series is the established forum for international scholars of the visual and material culture (e.g. manuscript illumination, sculpture, metalwork, textiles, etc.) of early medieval Ireland and Britain.

The Conference convenes approximately every four years. The 8th International Insular Art Conference will be held in Glasgow and Edinburgh, 10-14 July 2017, with optional day trip to see Pictish sculpture and, providing there is sufficient interest, a further optional excursion to Iona. More details and cfp will be sent out in the very near future, but please save the date!

Conference Organisers: Katherine Forsyth (Katherine.Forsyth(a), Heather Pulliam (h.pulliam(a) and Cynthia Thickpenny (c.thickpenny.1(a)

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Next RMMC meeting: Glasgow 13-16 April 2015

The third RMMC meeting will take place in Glasgow, 13-16 April 2015. The first two days are reserved for paper and poster presentations and the last two days you can join the fieldtrip to Angus and Perthshire, featuring stops to see the collections of stones in Meigle and St Vigeans.

The theme of this meeting is: Carved Stones as Objects of Worship and Symbols of Power

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 16 January 2015, but you can help the organisers, Anouk Busset and Elizabeth Pierce, by informing them whether you intend to participate in the conference, conference dinner and possibly the fieldtrip by the end of October.

Please see the Call for Papers RMMC 2015 for more information and contact details.

The organisers have also provided information about Accommodation and Transport and Things to do in Glasgow.

We hope to see you all there!

Open Access publications

Some recent open access publications that will be of interest:

Thorgunn Snædal’s book about the runic inscriptions on the Pireus lion is available to download, or to buy of course: Runinskrifterna på Pireuslejonet i Venedig

Futhark 4

The fourth issue of Futhark: International Journal of Runic Studies is now published online. All articles are available free of charge at The whole volume can be downloaded at

Many of the RMMC network members now make their research available online. A wealth of articles, book chapters and research papers on memorial stones and (runic) inscriptions are for instance accessible through They can be found by browsing the profiles of some of the RMMC members:

Uppsala runforum

Uppsala runforum has an exhaustive collection of runological publications through the ages with open access.

Memorial finds and runic interpretations

Ignoring the fact that it is February already, this post offers a long overdue overview of the finds and interpretations of runic inscriptions and carved stone monuments that made the news last year.

To also serve some current news, there is of course is K. Jonas Norby’s breakthrough in cracking the Jötunvillur runic code. This news has been doing the rounds on the internet and especially last week also in the English-language press (who sometimes went a bit far in offering some additional interpretations…). The most comprehensive article is the Norwegian original, featuring interviews with Jonas Nordby, James Knirk and Henrik Williams, and this translation into English.

February also came with an article on Bryggen’s more sassy inscriptions. You can find it at if you would like to read it.

This spring and summer yielded the (re)discovery of several stone monuments: an 12th-century decorated grave stone in Ærø; the Medieval Sillian 3 stone from Wales with a cross and lozenge pattern; the 11th-century runestone in Södra Roslagen with the oldest evidence for the place-name Ekerö; and of course the stone at Orphir, Orkney, with a latin runic inscription.

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