Cecilia Ljung

PhD Student, Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies, Stockholm University, Sweden

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My doctoral thesis deals with rune stones and early Christian grave monuments (also known as Eskilstuna cists) in central Sweden. I argue that both rune stones and early Christian grave monuments belong to the same memorial tradition, which changes during the course of the 11th century under influence from Christian beliefs and mentality. The thesis focus particularly on the emergence of Christian cemeteries with elite funerary stone sculpture and the developing ecclesiastical organisation of this period. The dissertation also deals with questions regarding how the design, inscriptions, contexts and use of stone sculpture reflect altering perceptions of death and memory in relation to the transformative 11th century Scandinavian Christianity.

Research interests: Early Medieval stone sculpture in Scandinavia and the Insular area, Early Christian grave monuments, Rune stones, Viking Age, Middle Ages, conversion, death and afterlife, memory, gender.