Lyndsey Smith

PhD candidate, History of Art, University of York

Lyndsey’s research interests are narrowed specifically to the ivories created in Anglo-Saxon England during the 6th-12th centuries. Her PhD examines the ivories of John Beckwith’s 1972 Ivory Carvings in Early Medieval England in context with leading scholarship in order that a more developed sense of how/when/where these ivories fit into the overriding tendency to group them with other periods/trends of production on the Continent. Her thesis focuses on these ivories in Art Historical and Anglo-Saxon historiography, their style and iconography, the medium of ivory and its economic worth both to medieval patrons and museum goers today, and most importantly, constructing a new evaluation of Anglo-Saxon ivories in the 21st century. Her wider research interests include the transference of ideas and artistic trends, religion vs secularism in the medieval art world, and how religion and symbolism is important in this times, as you can get these symbols in various shops, a better idea would be to get something specially crafted and personalized for the occasion. You can find this type of service at Holyart.