Runes, Monuments and Memorial Carvings

An International Research Network

The RMMC Network brings together researchers, including postgraduate students, in the fields of, for instance, History, Viking Studies, Medieval Studies, Runology, Art History, History of Religion, Archaeology, and Historical Linguistics with the intention to build up and strengthen an interdisciplinary research environment for researchers working with different aspects of carved stone monuments from the Viking Age and the early Middle Ages in Scandinavia, the British Isles, Ireland and Northern Europe.

The Network was aimed initially at postgraduate students and early career researchers, but it received a large interest among scholars beyond this stage. There was an apparent need for a network that focuses on different types of carved stone monuments and that facilitates collaboration between researchers working on different geographical areas. As a result, the RMMC Network is now open to researchers at any stage of their career, but young academics remain an important target audience.

The focus on stone monuments, preferably with a commemorative function, provides coherency within the network, which encompasses a variety of research topics along a broad chronological and geographical spectrum. It is an important characteristic of the network that the participants have an interest in approaching the research material from a cross-disciplinary angle.

Our intention is that the collaboration within the network in will lead to the development of joint interdisciplinary and international research projects between scholars working on different aspects of Viking-Age and early-medieval carved stone monuments in the Old Norse and Insular area.

The RMMC Network currently has approximately 45 members from 9 different countries. The majority of these scholars do research in interdisciplinary departments, such as Scandinavian Studies, English Studies, Nordic Viking and Medieval Culture, and Medieval Studies. A number of senior scholars support the network as external advisers.

If you are interested in becoming a member, feel free to contact us!

Marjolein Stern & Cecilia Ljung